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WWII Silk Map of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany

World War II Silk Map - New Acquisition
Front of cream-colored textile with color maps of Europe printed on each side.
Front of Map
Click for a Close-up of Berlin

A gift from Barbara Nelson

In October of 2003, the Spurlock Museum accepted a donation of a WWII silk map from Barbara Nelson. This map will fit very well into the Museum’s military collections as well as into the extensive map collection. Barbara received the map from her father who served in WWI. He in turn received the map from her Uncle who served and acquired the map during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.

This map is made of silk and is printed on both sides. One side is of France, Germany and Switzerland. The other side is of Belgium and Germany. The map shows elevation, roads, railways, bodies of water and towns.

Back of cream-colored textile with color maps of Europe printed on each side.
Back of Map

Silk maps were originally created by Christopher Clayton Hutton who worked for the British Military Intelligence. These new silk maps could be hidden and stood up very well to the elements in the field. The United States began to produce its own silk maps after November of 1942 after a meeting with the British Intelligence. The maps were a great asset in assisting POWs escape.

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Close-up of Legend

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