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Reserving Programs & Tours

Reserving Programs and Tours
Tour reservations are required for all groups of ten or more (whether the group is guided of self guided), to ensure that each group will be able to enjoy a full Museum experience with the least amount of interruption or distraction. All tour reservations must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance.

In addition to selecting a date, please make sure to review the other information needed when reserving your tour or program.

Regularly updated information on available dates for Museum tours and outreach programs follows.

Tour Availability

Tours can be reserved for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9 AM and 5 PM and Saturdays between 10 AM and 4 PM. To reserve your Spurlock Museum tour, please contact Brook Taylor at 217-265-0474 or .

The following dates are available for guided tours:

Check the complete listing of tours offered at the Museum to make your selection today!

Artifact Loan Availability

Artifacts in the Museum's Teaching Collection may be loaned to area educators. Find out more about this opportunity.

School Outreach Program Availability

School outreach programs can be reserved for between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. To reserve your Spurlock Museum school outreach program, please contact Brook Taylor at 217-265-0474 or .

The following dates are available for outreach programs:

Check the complete listing of outreach programs offered at the Museum to make your selection today!

Presentations to Area Organizations

Looking for a presenter for an upcoming organizational meeting? We would be happy for you to invite us to your next meeting!

When calling to reserve a program...

To cover everything in one phone call, please have the following information at hand:

  • the desired program
  • the date and time you wish to visit-check the Museum's availability before calling
  • the number of people in your group (if a school group, provide number and grade of students, as well as number of chaperones)
  • your contact name, phone number, and email address
  • any questions you may have about your program or the Museum
  • any special needs and other relevant information

Most of the tours and programs are presented by only one or two members of our Education staff. As a result, the availability of these tours and programs in limited. Please contact the Museum early in the school year to reserve your dates.

Note to Teachers:

Our tours are created to engage your students for the full time they are scheduled to be in the building. If you desire your Museum time to be spent in activities other than those in the tour description, (i.e. filling out school-created worksheets, completing teacher-created activities, etc.) please inform the Museum when you reserve your visit. In order for our docents to help the students accomplish their specific assignments, we require a copy of the worksheet/activity sheet at least 3 weeks before the visit.

Driving and Parking Information

Assistance with Program Costs for School Groups

The Spurlock Museum now has funding to assist area schools in covering transportation costs and program fees. Assistance is available in the categories described below on a first come, first served basis and is limited to annual fund availability, so apply early. The amount of assistance offered is determined on a sliding scale based on the group’s total transporation and program costs.

Applications (required for the Making Your Debut and Helping Hand grants) are available below and can be downloaded and submitted via email or in print. Additionally, detailed information on transportation assistance may be requested from Kim Sheahan at (217) 244-3355 or .

Financial Help for the Study of Ancient Cultures

Through the generous support of the Pamela J. Knight Exploring History Educational Fund, groups reserving programs and tours with an emphasis on ancient cultures are eligible to receive assistance. The Fund may be used to help cover travel costs or program fees for one of the following per group per school year:

Coverable costs
  • bus costs for one in-house tour or program
  • the charge for one Museum staff outreach visit

Making Your Debut: Financial Help for First-Time Visitors

The Museum offers a limited number of grants towards transporation costs and program fees to teachers who are visiting with their classes or reserving an outreach program for the first time.

Making Your Debut grant application

Helping Hand: Financial Help for Schools in Need

A limited number of grants towards transportation costs and program fees (in-house or outreach) are available to teachers from schools in which 40% or more of the students receive free/reduced lunch.

Helping Hand grant application