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Egyptian Mummification

Egyptian Mummification

Topics in History and Culture: Egyptian Mummification

Welcome to the Spurlock Museum's resource pages on ancient Egyptian mummification.

Click on the icons along the left-hand side of your screen to answer the following questions.

  • Link to History section

    How was mummification performed? How did it change over time?

  • Link to Rituals section

    Why was the mummification process created? What ceremonies were associated with it?

  • Link to Artifacts section

    What mummification artifacts can be found at the Spurlock Museum?

  • Link to Sources section

    What ancient written sources tell us about mummificaton?

  • Link to Materials section

    What materials were used in the creation of a mummy?

  • Link to Chronology section

    How is ancient Egyptian history divided?

  • Link to Glossary section

    Where do I find the definitions to terms used in these pages?

Our thanks to Heather Sinclair/Designer's Ink for developing the navigational and background graphics that add so much to these pages.

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