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The Transforming Arts of PNG

The Transforming Arts of Papua New Guinea

This module is based on the Spurlock Museum temporary exhibit "The Transforming Arts of Papua New Guinea" (9/1/09-1/31/10).

Mask Part 1: Talented Artists

Talented ArtistsTalented Artists

Find out more about the contemporary artists of Papua New Guinea and see images of their work.

Mask Part 2: Lifeways & Landscapes

Lifeways & LandscapesLifeways & Landscapes

Learn more about the parts of the country where the artifacts in the exhibit were collected by viewing photo galleries and YouTube videos.

Mask Part 3: Tales of PNG

Tales of PNGTales of PNG

Hear folktales from West Sepik, Manam Island, and the Central Province.

Mask Part 4: Acknowledgements


  • Professor Janet Keller, Exhibit Curator
  • Spurlock Museum Information Technology Section, Jack Thomas, Director
  • All those who contributed photographs for the Lifeways and Landscapes section
  • Assistant Director of Education, Kim Sheahan, storyteller
  • The visual artists of Papua New Guinea, whose images inspired all our work