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An Artifact Speaks to Educators Statewide

An Artifact Speaks to Educators Statewide
Posted: June 12, 2015
Ancient Mediterranean Kylix
This kylix (an ancient Greek drinking cup) is the focus of a discussion on Greece and Roman eating styles.
Colorful Indian saris
Indian saris are included in the first classroom lesson.

Since 2005, Kim Sheahan, the Museum’s Assistant Director of Education, has presented a year-long program to Champaign sixth graders called An Artifact Speaks. The program involves seven visits to the students’ classrooms and one program at the Museum. The visits focus on ancient cultures through artifact observations, folktale presentations, and hands-on activity participation.

In 2014, Kim received a two-year grant to take this program statewide through U of I Extension. All of the program materials will be available through Extension offices, and a website is being built that will provide supplemental information. For more information on the grant, read the article “Our Wish is Granted” in the spring 2015 Spurlock Newsletter.

Kim is offering free, 3-hour workshops throughout Illinois between June and August 2015 to introduce instructors of all kinds to the program and its accompanying materials. Two workshops are offered to instructors in Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermillion counties. They will be held at the Museum on July 24, 9:00AM–noon and 2:00–5:00PM. A flyer is available for downloading and sharing. Interested instructors can register for one of these Urbana workshops or receive a full list of the summer workshop offerings by contacting Kim at 217-244-3355 or .

Chance game card with special abilities
During the program on ancient China, students play a Silk Road game. This is one of the "chance" cards that can be chosen by the travelers.