Senufo-Tagba of West Africa

illustrated village including buildings and a woman


The Spurlock Museum gratefully acknowledges the work of Lamissa Bangali in the creation of these resource pages. A member of the Senufo-Tagba people, Lamissa has been invaluable in providing the information and photographs that make these pages come alive. We are seeing Tagba culture not through a textbook, but through his eyes.

While a University of Illinois doctoral candidate in Cultural Anthropology, Lamissa worked as a member of the Spurlock Museum staff. His knowledge and expertise were put to use on a variety of projects. The information gathered from his research on the Museum's African collection was key to the development of the feature gallery exhibit Looking Back, Looking Forward.

A heartfelt "thank you" to Lamissa and his friends and family for their help in making these pages possible.

Development of these pages was funded in part through Partnership Illinois and Continuing Education and Public Service, the University of Illinois.

Lamissa Bangali portrait
Lamissa Bangali
A Senufo Tagba Village