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A Day in the Life: A Building Block series

  • Age: grades K through 5

Through these Building Blocks, children will be able to compare the activities of their lives with those of others around the world. The Daily Living Building Block looks at the big picture: what are the many things you do in a day? The other blocks in the series focus on a specific theme. More Blocks in the series are under development.

A Day in the Life: Daily Living

Imagine touring around your town for a day. People are walking, biking, or driving from one place to another. Where are they going? Homes, offices, and schools are filled with busy people. What are they doing? In this Building Block, students will compare artifacts that show daily life in other parts of the world and create their own record of A Day in the Life through a variety of media.

Sample Objects

  • a book from the kit about living in Champaign-Urbana
  • a thornwood figure from the kit
  • a statue of twp men playing cards
  • three Thorn Tree figures

A Day in the Life: Work

From early childhood we are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" This Building Block highlights jobs and duties around the world and the importance of teamwork.

Sample Objects

  • poetry cards from the kit
  • a figurine of a merchant
  • a figurine of a farmer
  • three figurines from the kit
  • a stamp
  • a mud cloth
  • a big mac box
  • a ballot

A Day in the Life: Play

Exploring play around the world is a wonderful way to compare the similarities and differences among cultures. Lessons in this Building Block focus on games, play that helps us learn, and the global nature of dolls.

Sample Objects

  • a painting of a city
  • two dolls
  • a ball and cup toy
  • a wooden shoe
  • a dreidel
  • the rules for playing Oware

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