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Class Sessions at Spurlock

Bring your class to visit the galleries or view artifacts in the Collaboration & Community Gallery. We will develop resources to support your learning objectives. We also encourage you to lead the class sessions and we will provide digital images and advice to ensure that you have all the resources you need but we can also lead the session. We ask that you give us three (3) weeks' notice to host a class at Spurlock.

For more information, please read about our Course-related Artifact Review program.

Class Assignments Using Collections

If you are interested in creating an artifact-based assignment for your student to complete on their own, we can help you develop individual or group projects using online artifacts or the artifacts on display in the galleries.

Examples of Class Assignments:

  • Art: sketch objects on display
  • Capstone project: from visitor research to exhibit development
  • Creative writing: story incorporating objects
  • Writing and rhetoric: project to solve challenges facing the Museum
  • Evaluations of exhibits and programs
  • Discussion about professional careers and general operations in museum field
  • Medical observation skills
  • Music linking compositions to historical roots
  • Construction and design assignments


For faculty and graduate instructors who want to learn more about teaching with art objects, we offer periodic teaching workshops that focus on key principles and effective techniques for integrating object-centered teaching into the curriculum.


Consider us for short-term and long-term research opportunities: artifacts, archival photos, and informal learning. Search our online database of 50,000 artifacts.

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Guest Curatorship

University of Illinois faculty, instructors, and staff can apply to become guest curators and work with Museum staff and/or community members to develop an exhibition for our temporary or permanent galleries. Compensation varies on the project scope and the classification of the employee, but has included course release(s) and/or extra service compensation.

Course Development

University of Illinois faculty and instructors can apply for funds to develop new courses or course components that involve the Museum and/or our collections. Additionally, we can assist with integrating object-based teaching and learning experiences into courses.

Community & Public Engagement

If you are interested in developing a program for the community or in partnership with community members/groups we can provide assistance with development, facility use, and marketing.

Contact Us

For more information on these and other opportunities for faculty and staff, contact Abigail Padfield Narayan.