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AsiaLENS Film Series: Far East Deep South

This award winning film exploring the seldom-told history of Chinese immigrants living in the American South during the late 1800s to mid-1900s presents a very personal and unique perspective on immigration, race and American identity.

When a Chinese-American man from California, travels to Mississippi to visit the grave of his father who abandoned him as a baby, he and his family stumble upon surprising revelations that change their lives. Along the way, they meet a diverse group of local residents and historians, who shed light on the racially complex history of Chinese immigrants in the segregated South. Their emotional journey leads them to discover how deep their roots run in America but how the Chinese Exclusion Act separated their family for generations.

post-screening discussion with Baldwin Chiu.

Film Details

  • Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu
  • 2019
  • USA
  • 76 minutes

Co-sponsored by Spurlock Museum of World Cultures.

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