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Research Live! Finalist Showcase

NOTE: This event is presented in person at Spurlock Museum but is also available as a livestream for guests who prefer to attend remotely.

This live event will include exclusive screenings of the finalists' presentations, an announcement of the prize winners, and more! The Finalist Showcase is free, open to the public, and will be livestreamed online. Details for the live stream will be posted here closer to the event. All are welcome to attend!

Meet the 2023 Finalists!

  • Nicole M. DelMastro-Jeffery (Education Policy Organization and Leadership)
  • Nina Frye (Education Policy Organization and Leadership)
  • Erick Hernandez Alvarez (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Yash Laxman Kamble (Chemical Engineering)
  • Breanna Metras (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Joe Mirabelli (Educational Psychology)
  • William Nguyen (Veterinary Medical Science - Comparative Biosciences)
  • Charles Nudelman (Speech and Hearing Science)
  • Ricky Price (Special Education)
  • Taiylor Rayford (Educational Psychology)
  • Abdulgafar Sulaiman (Civil Engineering)
  • Yaman Yu (Information Science)

2023 Award Lineup

The final round judging panel will be comprised of a group of University High School juniors and seniors. They will determine the winners for the following five prizes that will be announced at the Finalist Showcase:

  • The Grand Prize ($500) will be awarded to the finalist whose presentation excelled in all five criteria of organization, purpose, content, delivery, and visuals.
  • The Design Award ($200) is all about the slide, given to the finalist who enhanced their talk the most through imagery, photographs, diagrams, illustrations, graphs, or other visuals.
  • The Impact Award ($200) recognizes the finalist whose presentation highlights how their research is making or aimed at making substantial positive change in the world.
  • The Storyteller Award ($200) is granted to the finalist whose performance style and delivery stole the show.
  • The Visionary Award ($200) recognizes the finalist who is breaking new ground in their work whether through a unique approach, creative problem-solving, or charting a new direction in their field.

Immediately following the viewing of all finalist videos, members of the audience will get to vote for the winner of the People's Choice Award ($200). Those watching online through the livestream will be able to vote!

2022 Research Live! Showcase (YouTube)

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For further information on this event, contact the Museum Information Desk at or (217) 333-2360

All participants are welcome. To request disability-related accommodations for this event, please contact Brian Cudiamat at or (217) 244-5586.