Black man and woman couple cooking in the kitchen

Stirring the Ancestral Pot: Recipe Sharing

As part of its ongoing celebration of Black and African-American communities in the C-U area, The Black Joy Project is gathering recipes for a community cookbook! Every family has food traditions, dishes that one auntie always brings over, medical food remedies our nana swears by, and creative ways we “make do with what we have.” We invite you to share the recipes that are special to you, your family, or your friends (our chosen families). Remember how these dishes came to be, and when you eat them (Special holiday? Sunday dinner? Anytime/anywhere?)

“But...I just throw in a little here and a little there. I don’t know how to write down a recipe!” We’ve got you covered. Beginning Tuesday, March 26:

  • Record yourself or submit your dish online, along with helpful hints and instructions.

    Submit Recipe
  • Or, stop by the COMMUNITY, COOKING, & COMFORT section of the Black Joy Project (also beginning March 26) to pick up a special recipe writing packet that will walk you through the steps. Work on it at home (tip: call family members to help) and bring it back when you’re ready.
Image credit: AllGo (external link) at Unsplash.

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All participants are welcome. To request disability-related accommodations for this event, please contact Brian Cudiamat at or (217) 244-5586.