illustrated landscape including a building, sphinx, and pyramids


ankh pictograph
Predynastic Period (ca. 4650-3050 BCE)
Archaic Period (ca. 3050-2686 BCE)
Dynasties 0-2
Old Kingdom (ca. 2686-2181 BCE)
Dynasties 3-6
First Intermediate Period (ca. 2181-2060 BCE)
Dynasties 7-11
Middle Kingdom (ca. 2060-1782 BCE)
Dynasties 12-13
Second Intermediate Period (ca. 1782-1570 BCE)
Dynasties 14-17
New Kingdom (ca. 1570-1069 BCE)
Dynasties 18-20
Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1069-656 BCE)
Dynasties 21-25
Late Period (ca. 664-332 BCE)
Dynasties 26-30
Graeco-Roman Period (ca. 332 BCE-395 CE)

"As for any male or female adversary who would do harm to [the deceased], whether he is one who shall descend from the sky or ascend from the earth, who shall come by water or travel in the company with the stars, Thoth... shall decapitate them." Spell 134 - The Book of the Dead