Impression of Old Babylonian Hematite and Jasper Cylinder Seal


Thumbnail of Impression of Old Babylonian Hematite and Jasper Cylinder Seal (1900.53.0061B)

    Basic Information

    Artifact Identification Impression of Old Babylonian Hematite and Jasper Cylinder Seal   (1900.53.0061B)
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    Artist/Maker None
    Geographic Location
    Period/Date Babylonian, 1900 – 1600 BC
    Culture Old Babylonian

    Physical Analysis

    Dimension 1 (Length) 5.5 cm
    Dimension 2 (Width) 2.6 cm
    Dimension 3 (Depth) 0.8 cm
    Weight 13 g
    Measuring Remarks None
    Materials Plaster
    Manufacturing Processes Cast
    Munsell Color Information waived

    Research Remarks

    Published Description

    Rogers: This is a unique seal, showing one nude figure up side down. The Moon God is again seated on the throne. A priest--full front--stands before him and the suppliant approaches with both hands raised. Here, the nine pointed star, the staff, and other symbols appear in the background. Porada: Suppliant goddess and worshipper before a king or god holding a cup and enthroned upon a stool. In the field: a star above a ball-staff; a crescent above a vessel; and one star obove another (probably added when the seal was recut). Terminal: an inscription partly effaced and replaced by a reversed male figure introduced in a secondary cutting of the seal.

    Description N/A
    Comparanda N/A

    Porada, Edith. "Concordance of Seals in the Oriental Museum, UIUC." Unpublished ms., ca. 1950. Rogers, Frances. Babylonian Seal Cylinders as a Historical Source, UIUC Master's Thesis, 1929.

    Artifact History

    Archaeological Data N/A
    Credit Line/Dedication N/A
    Reproduction yes
    Reproduction Information N/A

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