Collections Staff


Access to Artifact Collection

Spurlock's Artifact Collection is a valuable resource to the University community and is available for research and study by university faculty, staff, affiliates, and classes. To request access to specific objects or collections for in-depth research, contact the Registrar.

Access to Multimedia Collection

Spurlock’s collections-related images and multimedia are available to researchers. Contact the Assistant Registrar, Photography and Photographic Archives to request access to these materials or with any photography-related questions.

Five collections staff members gathered around a table reviewing some of our collections

Our Research

Research on its artifact collections is an essential mission of the Spurlock. Scholars, staff, and students research our artifacts for many purposes: acquisition, cataloging, exhibition, and publication. In addition to the preliminary studies performed by our Registration Section before an artifact is formally accepted into our collections, interns undertake larger scale projects, and scholars from around the world continue to study and publish their research on the Museum’s collections, producing over 150 books and articles.

As part of exhibit development, the Museum brings in expert scholars to study collections, advise us in choosing particular pieces for display, and provide contextual and detailed information on cultures and specific artifacts.

For more information on research conducted at the Museum, please read "A long history of research continues today" on the blog.