Coin: Tetradrachma, Naxos, Forgery


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Coin: Tetradrachma, Naxos, Forgery   (1900.63.0016)
  1. Communication Artifacts
  2. :
  3. Exchange Media
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  5. N/A
Artist/Maker None
Geographic Location
Period/Date Classical, 461-413 BCE
Culture Ancient Greek

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Diameter) 2.65 cm
Dimension 2 (Depth) .31 cm
Dimension 3 (N/A) N/A
Weight 8.76 g
Measuring Remarks None
Materials Metal--Silver
Manufacturing Processes Cast
Munsell Color Information waived

Research Remarks

Published Description N/A

This Greek coin is perhaps a forgery of a Tetradrachm from Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades in the southwestern part of the Aegean Sea. If not a forgery, it was struck in the mid to late 5th century BCE. The obverse contains a profile of a bearded head of Dionysus, the Greek god of grapes and therefore wine. The reverse is a naked Silenos, the teacher of Dionysus, squatting face forward holding a katharos, a deep cup, in his right hand and a thyrsus, an ancient Greek lyre, in his left hand. To the right of Silenos are the letters ΝΑΞΙΟΝ (Nu Alpha Xi Iota Omicron Nu) denoting the coin is from Naxos.

Comparanda N/A
Bibliography N/A

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication N/A
Reproduction Needs Research
Reproduction Information See Ledger entry.

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