Coin: Stater, Corinth


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Coin: Stater, Corinth   (1900.63.0028)
  1. Communication Artifacts
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  3. Exchange Media
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  5. N/A
Artist/Maker None
Geographic Location
Period/Date 338-300 BCE
Culture Greek

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Diameter) 2.11 cm
Dimension 2 (Depth) .29 cm
Dimension 3 (N/A) N/A
Weight 8.56 g
Measuring Remarks None
Materials Metal--Silver
Manufacturing Processes Cast
Munsell Color Information waived

Research Remarks

Published Description N/A

This Greek coin is a silver Stater from the ancient city of Corinth on the Grecian Peloponnesus. It was struck in the late 4th century BCE. The obverse is a profile of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and peace and patron of Corinth, wearing a Corinthian helmet over a leather cap. The reverse is Pegasus, a winged horse, that sprang from the blood of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus. It was while Pegasus was drinking from the fountain Peirene at Corinth that Bellerophon, using a magical bridle given to him by Athena, was able to subdue Pegasus. Together they slew the chimera, a beast with a snake for a tail, the body of a goat and the head of a lion that breathed fire.


Barclay Vincent Head: Catalogue of Greek Coins: Corinth, Colonies of Corinth, etc., Volume 12 of a Catalogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum, The Trustees, 1889, (pl. XII, 5, no. 255).


Head, Barclay Vincent. Catalogue of Greek Coins: Corinth, Colonies of Corinth, etc., Volume 12 of a Catalogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum. London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1889.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication N/A
Reproduction N/A
Reproduction Information N/A

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