Coin: Tetradrachm, Maroneia


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Coin: Tetradrachm, Maroneia   (1900.63.0514)
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  5. N/A
Artist/Maker None
Geographic Location
Period/Date Hellenistic, After 148 BCE
Culture Ancient Greek

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Diameter) 3.12 cm
Dimension 2 (Depth) 0.38 cm
Dimension 3 (N/A) N/A
Weight 16.51 g
Measuring Remarks From ledger.
Materials Metal--Bronze
Manufacturing Processes Cast
Munsell Color Information waived

Research Remarks

Published Description N/A

This Greek coin is a bronze Tetradrachm from Maroneia in Thrace in northern Greece. It was struck some time after 148 BCE. The obverse contains a profile of Dionysus, Greek god of grapes and therefore wine. The reverse is a naked Dionysus with grapes and 2 narthex wands. To the right of Dionysus are the letters ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ (Delta Iota Omicron Nu Upsilon Sigma Omicron Upsilon). Beneath him are the letters ΜΑΡΩΝΙΤΩΝ (Mu Alpha Rho Omega Nu Iota Tau Omega Nu). To the left of the figure are the letters ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ (Sigma Omega Tau Eta Rho Omicron Sigma). Combined they say Dionysus, savior of Maroneia. It is fitting that Dionysus is on this coin. Maroneia is named for Maron who gave Odysseus, the hero of the Odyssey, the wine to intoxicates Polyphemus, the cyclops entrapping Odysseus and his men. While incapacitated by the wine, Odysseus blinds Polyphemus and they escape. Maroneia wine was famous for its quality and strength.


David R. Sear: Greek Coins and their Values, Vol. I, London, 1978, Cat. No. 1635.


Sear, David R. Greek Coins and their Values, Vol. I. London, 1978.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication N/A
Reproduction N/A
Reproduction Information N/A

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