Plaster Cast of Greek Statue: Kouros of Tenea


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Plaster Cast of Greek Statue: Kouros of Tenea   (1914.07.0002)
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  3. Art
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Artist/Maker None
Geographic Location
Period/Date Archaic Period (800 - 480 BC), 590 - 550 BCE
Culture Greek
Location On Exhibitin the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Height) 160.3 cm
Dimension 2 (Width) 42.7 cm
Dimension 3 (Depth) 38.2 cm
Weight waived g
Measuring Remarks The height includes the base of the sculpture, which measures 6.2 cm in height.
Materials Plaster
Manufacturing Processes Cast
Munsell Color Information White (10Y 9/0.5) -ns

Research Remarks

Published Description

The original, of Parian marble, was found in 1846 over a tomb in the village of Athiki, in old Tenea, near Corinth. When the Greeks first began to carve in marble, they followed the conventions of the Egyptians and produced a large number of male figures called kouroi, or youths. The type is easily recognized by the slim-waisted body, long hanging arms, the left foot advanced, and the suggestion of a smile--the so-called archaic smile. This kouros was carefully hidden in ancient times, probably to preserve it during the Persian attacks at the beginning of the fifth century, B.C. It lay on the slab of a tomb. Its head was protected from damage by an earthenware vessel. By virtue of its excellent preservation--only the middle section of the right arm has been restored--and its high-quality, it is regarded as a model specimen of archaic Greek statuary.

Description N/A
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Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication Classical Museum Purchase
Reproduction yes
Reproduction Information N/A

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