Red Figure Lebes Gamikos, Wedding Vase


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    Basic Information

    Artifact Identification Red Figure Lebes Gamikos, Wedding Vase   (1922.01.0073A)
    1. Communication Artifacts
    2. :
    3. Ceremonial Artifacts
    4. :
    5. Wedding Objects
    Artist/Maker Attributed as a minor work of the Asteas-Python Workshop
    Geographic Location
    Period/Date Hellenistic, 325 – 320 BCE
    Culture South Italian Greek
    Location On Exhibitin the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit

    Physical Analysis

    Dimension 1 (Height) 21.9 cm
    Dimension 2 (Width) 12.4 cm
    Dimension 3 (Diameter) 7.5 cm
    Weight 522 g
    Measuring Remarks D2 includes the handles. D3 is the foot diameter. The rim diameter is 5.7 cm.
    Materials Pigment--Glaze, Ceramic
    Manufacturing Processes Throwing, Handbuilding, Firing, Glazing
    Munsell Color Information Black (N 2.75/) -ns Light Brown ( 5 YR 6.5/4) -ns

    Research Remarks

    Published Description

    PAESTAN RED-FIGURE LEBES GAMIKOS Shape and Ornament: Ovoid body, flaring foot, vertical handles with knobs on top. Palmette below each handle. On shoulder, tongues and four knobs. Fillet set off by grooves at join of body and foot; underside of foot reserved. Subject: A, Woman wearing patterned peplos, stephane, necklace, earrings, and bracelet, holding a fillet in her left hand and balls(?) in her right moves to right, looking back. A fan(?) in field to left. B, Nude youth wearing a headband and a wreath around his right shoulder offers fillets at an altar. His sandaled left foot rests on a tendril. Behind him, a volute. Relief contour throughout, except for minor folds of woman's peplos, which are in dilute glaze. Accessory Colors: White A, stephane, jewelry, fillet, and balls. B, wreath, fillets, headband, and tendril. Attributed as a minor work of the Asteas-Python Workshop by A. D. Trendall (in a letter dated 8/3/79). About 325-320 B. C. -- Wisseman, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Plate 55, 8-9.

    Description N/A

    For similar information on vases from the same workshop, see an amphora in Salerno, no inv. no., and a chous, Paestum 1273 (Trendall, BSR 20 [1952] p. 32-33, nos. 79 and 139, pls. Xa and XIc. Also Mayo, pp. 234-235, fig 109). Lebes Gamikos (wedding vase). Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art website. Accessed 04 November 2012.,b "Lebes Gamikos (Classical Greek - Red Figure Pottery)" University of Saskatchewan Museum of Antiquities website. Accessed 21 July 2015.


    Dillon, Matthew P. J. Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik. Bd. 124. Bonn: Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, 1999. Lapatin, Kenneth D. S. Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Connection with the Exhibition 'The Colors of Clay: Special Techniques in Athenian Vases,' at the Getty Villa. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2008. Noble, Joseph Veach. The Techniques of Painted Attic Pottery. New York: Waston-Guptill Publications, 1965. Wisseman, Sarah U. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Philipp von Zabern: Mainz, 1989. Page 44, Plate 55, 8-9. Also see unpublished student paper by Chinchilla, Nesvacil, and Williams, 2012P.0073

    Artifact History

    Archaeological Data N/A
    Credit Line/Dedication University of Marburg Archaeological Seminar Collection
    Reproduction no
    Reproduction Information N/A

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