Attic Lekythos with Herakles Scene


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Attic Lekythos with Herakles Scene   (1922.01.0122)
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Artist/Maker Attributed to the Haimon Group by Beazley and Bothmer
Geographic Location
Period/Date Archaic Period (800 - 480 BC), 500 – 475 BCE
Culture Greek, Attic

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Height) 32 cm
Dimension 2 (Diameter) 10.8 cm
Dimension 3 (Diameter) 6.5 cm
Weight 752 g
Measuring Remarks First measurement is the height. Second measurement is the diameter of the body. Third measurement is the diameter of the base.
Materials Ceramic--Terracotta, Pigment--Glaze
Manufacturing Processes Throwing, Firing, Glazing
Munsell Color Information Black (N 2.75/) -ns Moderate Yellowish Pink ( 10 R 7.5/4) -ns

Research Remarks

Published Description

ATTIC BLACK-FIGURE LEKYTHOS Shape and Ornament: Cylindrical body tapered to a disk foot, flaring mouth glazed on inside. Glazed tongues above encircled palmettes of the shoulder. Dot band above figures, two reserved bands below. Edge of mouth and edge of foot reserved. Subject: Herakles battling Andromache (?), flanked by two more Amazons. Andromache, dressed in a short tunic and a cloak and a crested Corinthian helmet, is falling on her left knee while turning her head back left. She is armed with a shield (device: starburst). Herakles, facing right, stands over her with sword poised to strike. He wears a short chiton with lionskin over it. The Amazons wear short chitons, cloaks, and crested helmets. The Amazon to the right is armed with shield (device: snake) and spear. She comes in to help. The Amazon to left is fleeing. In the field, a branch with fruit. Accessory Colors: red: eye and hairline of Andromache, dots on Herakles' lionskin and quiver, shield grip of left Amazon. White: flesh of Amazons, fruit. From Thebes. Attributed to the Haimon Group by Beazley (ABV, p. 548, no. 278) confirmed by D. von Bothmer, Amazons in Greek Art (Oxford 1957), p. 58, no. 192. First quarter of the fifth century B.C. --Wisseman, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Plate 12, 1-3.

Description N/A

For similar composition of the figures, see Louvre L 18 (Beazley, Attic Black-figure Vase-painters, 1956. P. 548, no. 272; D. von Bothmer, ibid., no. 195, pl XLVI:3).


Beazley, [-]. ABV, p. 548, no. 278. Bothmer, D. von. Amazons in Greek Art . Oxford, 1957, p. 58, no. 192. Wisseman, Sarah U. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Philipp von Zabern: Mainz, 1989. Page 13, Plate 12, 1-3.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication University of Marburg Archaeological Seminar Collection
Reproduction no
Reproduction Information N/A

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