Brass Rubbing: Sir Thomas Massingbred and Joan


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Artifact Identification Brass Rubbing: Sir Thomas Massingbred and Joan   (1982.05.0007)
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Artist/Maker Kathleen H. Cairns.
Geographic Location
Period/Date Medieval, 1405 CE
Culture British, English

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Length) 170.0 cm
Dimension 2 (Width) 104.0 cm
Dimension 3 (Depth) 1.0 cm
Weight 296 g
Measuring Remarks Width refers to the horizontal measure of the rubbing (dowel rod and hooks). Depth indicates the thickness of the dowel rod from which the piece is suspended.
Materials Paper, Plant--Wood, Metal--Steel, Pigment
Manufacturing Processes Rubbing
Munsell Color Information Black (N 2/ 3.1% R) White (N 9.5/ 90.0% R) White (5Y 9/.5)

Research Remarks

Published Description

From the catalogue, An Exhibition of Medieval Brass Rubbings by Kathleen H. Cairns. "Sir Thomas Massingbred, 1405, with his wife Joan. Double canopy and inscription mutilated and partly hidden under pews. Near the lecturn is this inscription: On a fayre bleu stone the pourtraytures in brass of Sr. Thomas Massingbred in his armour complete and his wife. The inscription on the draft once read: Sr. Thmoas Massingbred, knight, and Dame Johan his wyfe specalye desyers all reasonabull creatures of your charyte to give lawde adn pray unto...queen of everlasting with... About 150 years later this slab was used to commemorate Sir Thomas Massingbred, knight of the religious order of St. John of Jerusalem and his wife Joan. Sir John died in 1552. He is buried in the church." From Bontell: This Sir Thomas Massyngberd [sic] lived at a period considerably later than the evident date of this fine brass, which bears his name. The knight's effigy is very similar to the fine effigies of Sir Reginald Braybroke and Sir Nicholas Hawberke, at Cobham, in Kent. The hauberk and camail both have a border formed of small bunches of rings. The collar of SS, is worn by both the lady and the knight. -Source Unknown.

Description N/A
Comparanda N/A

Cairns, Kathleen H. An Exhibition of Medieval Brass Rubbings, December 7, 1969 through January 4, 1970. Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh. Catalog #50. Felgate, T.M. Knights on Suffolk Brasses. East Anglian Magazine Ltd. Ipswich, Sufflok 1976. Spinke, Winifred. A Memento from Old England. Bury St. Edmunds, n.d. Medieval Brass Rubbings (exhibit catalogue), Pittsburgh, 1969. Bontell, Rev. Charles. Monumental Brasses of England (1849), p. 35. Cairns, Kathleen H. An Exhibition of Medieval Brass Rubbings, October 20 through November 19. Catalog #41.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication Gift of Kathleen H. Cairns
Reproduction No
Reproduction Information N/A

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