Red Figure Volute Krater (Chester)


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Red Figure Volute Krater (Chester)   (1982.06.0001A)
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Artist/Maker Baltimore Painter
Geographic Location
Period/Date Hellenistic, 330 - 320 BCE
Culture South Italian Greek, Apulian
Location On Exhibitin the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (N/A) 122.00 cm
Dimension 2 (N/A) 66.00 cm
Dimension 3 (N/A) N/A
Weight N/A
Measuring Remarks From display case it looks approximately to be: 91 cm length by 53 cm wide, taken on 5/3/2007.
Materials Ceramic--Earthenware, Pigment--Slip
Manufacturing Processes Painting, Handbuilding, Firing
Munsell Color Information waived

Research Remarks

Published Description

(NOTE: The following description runs over two pages. For the complete description, please consult the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum USA 24) APULIAN RED-FIGURE VOLUTE KRATER Shape and Ornament: Ovoid body with a wide neck set off by a ridge at the top and flaring mouth with down-turned lip. Volute handles, separate base with flaring foot. Interior of neck glazed about halfway down and all reserved areas covered with red wash. Rim: A, an egg-and-dot frieze above laurel wreath with central rosette; below, wave pattern above reserved band. B, egg-and-dot frieze above a band of scrolls and a wavy line. Neck: A, Top zone, female masks separated by rserved lotus with dots, all above a border of esses. B, Top zone is laurel wreath with berries; rosette in the center. Reserved band below figures on A and B. Shoulder: A, Chain of upright palmettes-and-lotuses. Below, a reserved band, egg-and-dot, double reserved band. B, Tongue pattern above egg-and-dot. Below handles: palmettes and volutes. Below figures on body: maeander pattern with saltire squares. Volute handles: On both sides of each handle, relief female head with polos. On A only, background filled with florals. On B, solid glazed background. Foot: A, Above, a series of reserved and glazed bands and egg-and-dot with stripes. Below, florals, glazed band and wave border. B, Continuation of florals from A, with the same borders. -- Wisseman, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Plates 36; 37; 38, 1-2; 39, 1-2; 40, 1-2; 41, 1-2; 42, 1-2.

Description N/A

Staatliche Antikensammlung, Munich, on file. Baltimore Krater, Walters Art Gallery, 48.86 (Mayo and Hamma, Art of South Italy: Vases from Magna Graecia, 1982. Pp. 175-176, pl. 71)


Adkins, Karen & Gary. "Urbana's Treasure-House," Illinois Magazine (Litchfield, IL) 28: 6 (November - December 1989): 3 (photo). Bohen, B. et al, From Alexander to Augustus. University of Illinois: Champaign, 1983. "The most important addition to the collection in fifty years," Heritage: Friends of the World Heritage Museum , 2: 1 (November 1982): 1-2. Humanities (Illinois Humanities Council, Chicago): Photo, p. 22. Munzen und Medaillen, Auktion. 60: 21 (Sept. 1982): 26-28, no. 41, ill. on pls. 17-18. Oehlschlaeger- Garvey, Barbara. "A New Apulian Krater for the World Heritage Museum," Journal of Aesthetic Education, 19: 1 (Spring, 1985): 99-113. Spurlock Museum Magazine, Fall 2006. Photo, p. 11. Trendall, A.D. The Red-Figured Vases of Apulia, supplement I (BICS Suppl. 42, 1983): 14-16. Wisseman, Sarah U. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Philipp von Zabern: Mainz, 1989. Pages 34-36, Plates 36; 37; 38; 39, 1-2; 40, 1-2; 41, 1-2; 42, 1-2.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication John Needles Chester Fund
Reproduction no
Reproduction Information N/A

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