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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Red Figure Amphora   (1984.06.0001)
  1. Materials T&E
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  3. Food Processing & Preparation T&E
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  5. Food Storage Equipment
Artist/Maker Baltimore Painter
Geographic Location
Period/Date Late Apulian, 330 - 320 BCE
Culture Greek, Apulian
Location On Exhibitin the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Height) 80.0 cm
Dimension 2 (Width) 35.0 cm
Dimension 3 (Depth) 34.0 cm
Weight 9,500 g
Measuring Remarks None
Materials Ceramic--Terracotta, Pigment
Manufacturing Processes Throwing, Handbuilding, Glazing, Firing, Painting
Munsell Color Information waived

Research Remarks

Published Description

APULIAN RED-FIGURE AMPHORA OF PANATHENAIC SHAPE Shape and Ornament: Shape and subsidiary decoration of lip, neck, lower body, and foot identical to neck-amphora 84.6.2. Subject: A, Seated woman inside of a naiskos. She is seen in three-quarter view, with her body turned left and her head turned right. She wears a semi-transparent chiton and a mantle and holds a fan in her left hand and an open box in her right. She sits on a stool with her right foot resting on a footstool. Next to her is a tambourine, and a quartered ball hangs from the ceiling(?) behind her head. Naiskos composed of Ionic columns, frieze, gable and palmette acroteria. On the naiskos plinth is a key pattern to right bordered by wide bands. To the left of the naiskos, a seated woman faces left with an open box in her right hand and a ball dangling form a strap in her left. Below is a youth who is nude except for a cloak. He faces the naiskos with his left foot on a rock, and holds a wreath in his left hand and long-handled patera in his right. To the right of the naiskos is a youth seated to right on his cloak, with a situla in his right hand and an open box in his left. Below, a woman faces the naiskos with her right foot on a rock, offering a cista and a ball in her left hand and bunch of grapes in her right. B, Stele draped with fillets, surmounted by a cup. To the left of the stele, a nude youth sits on his cloak with an open box in his right hand and a wreath in his left. Below is a woman with a fan in her left hand, and a phiale in her right. A tambourine hangs on the wall(?) just below her right arm. To the right of the stele is a seated woman with an open box and a fillet in her left hand, and a situla in her right. Below is a nude youth with a dish and food (bread) in his right hand, and a cloak and oinochoe in his left. In the field, rosettes and fillets. Relief contour throughout all subsidiary figures; Dilute glaze: A, lower edge of right woman's garment, hair of left man. Accessory Colors: Red A, cloak of woman inside naiskos. White A, enclosure, plinth, footstool, pyxis, groundline. B, deatils of stele, cup, one of the fillets, hair ribbons of men and women, bread(?) of offering. Yellow: A, details of chiton and face of woman in naiskos, headbands, ribbons, jewelry, and offerings of surrounding youths and women. B, fillets and offerings. -- Wisseman, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Plates 44; 45,2; 46,2. From Trendall and Cambitoglou, "Second Supplement to Red Figured Vases of Apulia. Bulletin Supplement 60, 1992." University of London: Institute of Classical Studies. 1992. Urbana-Champaign (Ill.) World Heritage Museum 84.06.01./ (a) N: Woman with open box and fan, seated on folding-stool, beside tambourine; L: seated woman with open box and ball, youth bending forward with wreath and patera; R: seated youth with situla and open box, woman bending forward with cista, ball and bunch of grapes, (b) two youths and two women grouped chiastically round a stele, seated above, approaching below. Shoulder: (a) white female head in profile to l. in floral setting.

Description N/A

Spurlock Museum 1984.06.0002 Toledo amphora (77.46) (Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Toledo 2 [USA 20], pls. 102-105; Mayo and Hamma, Art of South Italy: Vases form Magna Graecia, 1982. Pp. 169-171, pl. 69) Volute Krater attributed to Baltimore Painter, previously in the Geddes Collection A I:9, Melbourne. Recently sold at Christies in 2002, Sale 1091, Lot 39.


Wisseman, Sarah U. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Philipp von Zabern: Mainz, 1989. Page 37, Plates 44; 45,2; 46,2. Trendall and Cambitoglou, Second Supplement to The Red-Figured Vases of Apulia. University of London: London, 1992. Page 277. Heritage: Friends of the World Heritage Museum. 1984. "Past Perfect: The Resurrection of a Museum." The News-Gazette, Weekend, 3/7/1986, Photo, p. 13.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Fund
Reproduction no
Reproduction Information N/A

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