Red Figure Column Krater


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Basic Information

Artifact Identification Red Figure Column Krater   (1993.04.0001)
  1. Materials T&E
  2. :
  3. Food Processing & Preparation T&E
  4. :
  5. Food Preparation Equipment
Artist/Maker Long Overfalls Painter
Geographic Location
Period/Date Classical, 370– 350 BCE
Culture South Italian Greek, Apulian

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Height) 44.5 cm
Dimension 2 (Width) 41.0 cm
Dimension 3 (Diameter) 32.0 cm
Weight 5292 g
Measuring Remarks D2 includes the handles. D3 is the body diameter without handles.
Materials Ceramic--Terracotta, Pigment--Glaze
Manufacturing Processes Throwing, Firing, Painting, Glazing, Handbuilding
Munsell Color Information Black ( N 2.5) -ns Dark Orange Yellow ( 7.5 Y R 6/6) -ns

Research Remarks

Published Description

COLUMN KRATER: Reserved bands at foot. Double row of dots and line near rim. Black-figure wave pattern at lip on top surface. Two black-figure palmettes on top of surfact handle attachments. Black figure ivy is in reserved panel on neck. Frames for pictures on obverse and reverse are formed with tongue pattern on shoulder meander and crossed square band below, and double rows of dots to the left and right. The combat scene is highly unusual and lively. The warrior is in the process of shifting his weight and is about to make a sweeping charge toward the native. The native holds a spear in his right hand, and a shield in the other. The pierced shield is visibly bent from another spear, now broken. A gorgon is depicted on his shield. This is far from a routine vase. The obverse scene portrays three standing youths wearing Chlamys, one facing right, two facing left, and holding staffs. Above them is a pair of halteres, (weights held by athletes). Column Krater Named for its columnar handles this wide mouthed Krater Shape was used for mixing wine & water.

Description N/A
Comparanda N/A

Ancient Art, Berk 1993 Catalogue #40. "Ugly duckling becomes beautiful swan," Heritage April 1993, p. 3.

Artifact History

Archaeological Data N/A
Credit Line/Dedication John Needles Chester Fund
Reproduction No
Reproduction Information N/A

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