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made with Plant--Leaf Plant--Seed

Raw Material: Plant Materials for Dye2000.01.0159 (2000.01.0159)
x cm (38 g)
Location: Asia, Southeast; Myanmar
Classification/Nomenclature: Unclassifiable Artifacts

Complete Potter's Kit: Corn Cob Smoother2000.01.0290E (2000.01.0290E)
6.4 x 2.3 x 2 cm (7 g)
Location: America, South; Peru; upper Ucayali River; San Francisco de Yarinacocha Village
Period: 1967
Classification/Nomenclature: Materials T&E : Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E

Corn Husk Bag2006.16.0020 (2006.16.0020)
33 x 26.7 x .6 cm (428 g)
Location: America, North; United States; Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington
Period: early 20th century?
Classification/Nomenclature: Personal Artifacts : Personal Gear : Personal Carrying & Storage Gear

Raw Material: Bag of Husks & Leaves2008.03.0037 (2008.03.0037)
15 x cm (9 g)
Location: America, South; Ecuador
Classification/Nomenclature: Unclassifiable Artifacts

Blow Gun Quiver2013.04.0117A (2013.04.0117A)
66.5 x 5 cm (507 g)
Location: America, South; Brazil
Period: Late 20th century - 2010
Classification/Nomenclature: Science & Technology T&E : Armaments : Edged Weapons

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