a large crowd of people and police officers in the middle of Green Street in 1970

Gun Battles, Bootlegging, and Dissent: Crime and Disorder at the University of Illinois

Violent class fights and hazing rituals. Prohibition-era booze raids. Protests against war and racism. These issues have energized students and raised the administration’s ire for 150 years. UIUC History Department Instructor Nathan Tye explores this fraught history to illustrate how the student body, University, and Champaign-Urbana were shaped by these events.

Third Thursday / Knowledge at Work

The program is part of the Third Thursday Series and is held in conjunction with the Spurlock Museum’s temporary exhibit Knowledge at Work: The University of Illinois at 150. This exhibit explores the history of campus as a community of educators, researchers, and students engaged in learning, research, and public service. Learn about the contributions of a wide variety of people and groups to campus history and ways the University has changed how it relates to the people it serves. The exhibit runs through December 21, 2018.

Image courtesy of University of Illinois Archives.

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