The American Indian Center of Chicago Celebrates 50 Years of Powwow

Exhibit Closes

Since 1953, the American Indian Center has hosted the Chicago Powwow, a celebration of Native American arts and culture. Powwows are an important part of the lives of many American Indians. Although powwow is not a traditional practice within the cultures of many tribal nations, today's powwow provides a vital arena for intertribal cooperation and unity.

Within this circle, the full cycle of life is acknowledged, and members of all ages find a common ground for he celebration and promotion of Indian pride. The focus exhibit will highlight photographs, artifacts, and video exploring vital, shared aspects of American Indian life as they are expressed through powwow.

The Spurlock Museum's new Focus Gallery exhibit The American Indian Center of Chicago Celebrates 50 Years of Powwow opens on January 27th and closes on June 26th. Through images, videos, and artifacts, the exhibit highlights the vibrant sights and sounds of this American Indian arts and culture celebration. 50 Years of Powwow, on display through June 26th, is co-sponsored by the American Indian Center of Chicago. It is presented as part of an annual series of cultural events endowed by Reginald and Gladys Laübin in support of the Laübin Gallery of American Indian Cultures. The Spurlock Museum is located at 600 S. Gregory St., Urbana.

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