Senufo-Tagba of West Africa

illustrated village including buildings and a woman

Places and Faces

Burkina Faso pictograph
  • two women side by side
    Two women of the village.
  • a man sitting in front of a mound of cotton
    Villagers with part of the cotton crop.
  • a musician playing his instrument
    Music is an important part of Senufo life.
  • a group of musicians
    A group of musicians.
  • villagers gathered around a xylaphone
    Village members enjoying xylophone music.
  • a tailor sitting at a sewing machine surrounded by vaious cloths
    A local tailor.
  • a grandmother with three children
    A grandmother with her grandchildren.
  • a barefoot man sitting
    Around the compound, people walk barefoot. Shoes are worn when traveling.
  • a family compound
    This is the entrance to a family compound.
  • a musician playing an instrument
    This man is playing a kora.
  • a man sitting in a chair
    Relaxing in the shade.
  • a group of musicians playing
    Musicians encourage the participants in a farming competition.