coin: Yarim Kurush, Silver

Seymour and Muriel Yale Collection of Coins of the Ottoman Empire and Other Middle East States

From 1971 to 1998, Seymour and Muriel Yale donated nearly 5,000 coins, maps, engravings, and medals to the Spurlock Museum. Dr. Yale (DDS) had a strong interest in the history of North Africa and the Middle East from the Ottoman Empire through World War I. The majority of the collection consists of coins from dynasties of the Ottoman Empire. Also of particular interest are the medals and maps related to World War I actions from across North Africa and the Middle East.

This collection of materials provide a unique look at military movements and geographical changes to these regions over a time period of great upheaval.

Ottoman Coins

  • Ottoman Coin: Kurush, Silver
    Yarim Kurush, Silver Issued ca. 1000 this coin was minted prior to the establishment of the empire as an actual state. 1971.15.0524
  • Ottoman Coin: Gold Yuzluck
    Gold Yuzluk This coin was issued ca. 1460 by Faith Sultan Mehmed II. He took on the title of Faith Sultan after the conquest of Istanbul. 1971.15.0547
  • Ottoman Coin: Akche
    Akche This coin was issued ca. 1540, during the height of the Empire. In this period, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman I the Magnificent led the conquest of Mesopotamia. 1971.15.0995
  • Ottoman Coin: Two Piastres
    Two Piastres Sultan Genc Osaman II, who introduced government reforms, issued this coin two yeras before he was murdered in 1622. 1971.15.0520
  • Ottoman Coin: Silver Kurush
    Silver Kurush Minted in Istanbul 1774, this coin was circulated during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I. Under his rule, modern schools were established throughout the Empire. 1971.15.1106
  • Ottoman Coin: Copper Coin
    Copper Coin Issued ca. 1840, this coin was constructed under Sultan Abdul Mecid I, who implemented central reforms in the army, the central and provincial government, education, and the law. 1971.15.1015
  • Ottoman Coin: Silver Yirmi Kurushluk
    Silver Yirmi Kurushluk When this coin was minted in 1909 under sultan Mehmer V, the Empire was nearing collapse. 1971.15.1148

Campaign Medals

These medals were awarded for military service in a particular battle or geographic location.


Dr. Yale's interest in Palestine led to collecting many maps related to the region, including maps made from surveys conducted by the Palestine Exploration Fund in 1871–1878 by Leiutenants C.R. Conder and H.H. Kitchener.