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from the Hellenistic or Roman culture

Inscribed Hellenistic or Roman Marble Manumission Stele Fragment1914.03.0008 (1914.03.0008)
13 x 9 x 4.6 cm (977 g)
Location: Europe, West; Greece; Lokris; Kalapodi; Sanctuary of Artemis Elaphabolos and Apollo
Period: Hellenistic or Roman Empire; ca. 200 BCE - 100 CE
Classification/Nomenclature: Communication Artifacts : Documentary Artifacts : Declaratory Documents
Description: Both sides are inscribed in Greek with eight lines of writing preserved on each side and from two to seven letters legible on each line.

Transport Amphora1974.06.0001A (1974.06.0001A)
50.8 x 24.8 cm (4089 g)
Location: Asia, West; Turkey; off coast of Ephesus, near Izmir in the Aegean Sea
Period: 2nd century BCE - 3rd century CE
Classification/Nomenclature: Distribution & Transportation Artifacts : Containers

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