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from Belgium, France, United Kingdom

Bobbin Lace Fragment1984.05.0027 (1984.05.0027)
595.5 x 3.8 x .1 cm (11 g)
Location: Europe, West; Belgium, France, United Kingdom; England
Period: 20th century
Classification/Nomenclature: Materials T&E : Textileworking T&E : Needleworking T&E

Map: Military Intelligence Overlap Map of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany2003.11.0001 (2003.11.0001)
76 x 76 cm (39 g)
Location: Europe, West; Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Period: World War II; 1939-1945, 1943
Classification/Nomenclature: Communication Artifacts : Documentary Artifacts : Graphic Documents

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