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Quinceñera exhibit film series: My Dream Quinceañera (2020)

My Dream Quinceañera (2020, dir. Jackie Merry & Omid Afshar) - 85 mins.

Q&A Discussion with Honey Robinson, actress in the episode [USC student]

Honey shares the experience of planning her quinceañera, embracing the cultural practice as part of her Mexican heritage as an Afro-Latina teenager, while blazing her own path of individuality and personality in the U.S. American context.

Honey comparte la experiencia de planear su quinceañera, abarcando la práctica cultural como parte de su herencia cultural mexicana como una adolescente Afro-Latina, mientras ella abre su propio camino a la individualidad y su personalidad en el contexto estadounidense.

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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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