chess exhibit overview

Chess: Gymnasium of the Mind

  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Hundley Central Core

(date) 4/4/2019–7/7/2019

The display features a variety of chess sets from around the world highlighting unique pieces, boards, and moves. This project is part of the second annual Spring Symposium held by Playful by Design, an interdisciplinary game studies consortium at the University of Illinois. The sets are on loan from local game enthusiasts David Dubin, Dan Cermak, and Judith Pintar.

The Playful by Design Spring Symposium will be held from April 4–6 at locations around the University of Illinois campus, including the Armory Innovation Spaces and the CU Community Fablab. This year's theme is "The Future of the Playful University." Learn more at their website. Playful by Design is sponsored by the Illinois Project for Research in the Humanities, Spurlock Museum, Illinois Informatics, CU Community FabLab, CITL, and the School of Information Sciences at UIUC.

Cream-colored chess piece. A king holds his face wearily.