Fall to Pieces overview photo

Fall to Pieces: Ingenious Mechanical Puzzles from Around the World

  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Whitten Featured Object Case

(date) 6/4/2019–7/21/2019

Around the world and through the centuries, people have devised imaginative, even diabolical, puzzles to test our wits. Three-dimensional puzzles crafted of wood, metal, plastic, and other durable materials are designed to be taken apart, rearranged, or untangled. This exhibit is a selection of the world’s most famous mechanical puzzles that are as artistic as they are creative. Enjoy their beauty—and try your hand at solving some of them.

Our guest community curator for this exhibit is local collector Philip Nyman, who has been collecting and studying mechanical puzzles since he was 7 years old.

animation of 15 white plastic puzzle pieces assembling into a polar bear figurine