The words: 'Belongings, An exhibition on immigration, In conjunction with immigrant welcome week in Urbana-Champaign' on background with many photos


  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Whitten Featured Object Case

(date) 9/14/2019–12/1/2019

In celebration of Welcoming Week, the Urbana Arts and Culture Program, The Urbana Free Library, and Spurlock Museum of World Cultures are proud to present the latest installment of the City of Urbana’s Artist of the Corridor exhibition series. BELONGING(S) is a collection of photography and short stories from local immigrants exploring identity, artifact, memory, and the meaning of home. Participants in the project identified an object from their home and through storytelling, illustrated its relationship to their personal experience with immigration. For the first year ever, the exhibition includes a display of the objects themselves at Spurlock Museum.

Artist of the Corridor, an initiative by the City of Urbana Arts and Culture Program, is a dual-site exhibition series that features local art in the City Building and The Urbana Free Library. All Artist of the Corridor shows are free and open to the public.

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