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Women Artists of the W. Dale and Jeanne C. Compton Collection of Native American Art

  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Whitten Featured Object Case

(date) 5/29/2018–9/30/2018

There is a strong tradition of pottery making throughout the pueblos of the American Southwest. Grandmothers, mothers, and aunts teach the next generations their family methods and techniques for sourcing materials, preparing clay, and firing their pieces. To this foundational education, each artist adds their own unique iconography, techniques, and stylistic preferences. These artists incorporate designs from many sources. Some use designs passed down through generations. Some look to the designs found on ancient pottery that has been uncovered through archeological excavation. Still others bring contemporary symbols and designs into their works.

Sparked by a visit to the American Southwest as newlyweds, Dale and Jeanne Compton spent decades collecting Native American arts and crafts. Over the years, the Comptons met with and purchased from local artists. They also made purchases through galleries and auctions. While not strictly focused on women artists, their collection does consist prominently of works by women.

Birger figure