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Inspired By...

  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Campbell Gallery

(date) 8/20/2013–3/9/2014

Beginning with a phone call three years ago from a member of the C-U Spinners and Weavers Guild—"What would you think about an exhibit of fiber art inspired by your artifacts?"—this exhibit features 38 fiber creations made by 26 CUSWG artists inspired by 27 artifacts. As the work of each artist progressed, the diverse results of their inspiration became apparent. Some artists retained strong visual ties to the artifacts they chose, while others moved into abstract reflections of imagination.

Other themes also come to light. A single artifact inspired distinct creations from different artists or multiple pieces from the same maker. A project required collaboration between artists. Some artworks reflected the creator’s attachment to a single element, such as color, texture, or pattern. Some expressed the artifact as a whole. For the artists involved in this exhibit, inspiration also led to transformation. They spoke about this experience as a journey through which they gained knowledge, not only about working with fibers but also about themselves.