Uncovering Life's Third Domain: The Discovery of Archaea overview photo

Spurlock Museum—Natural History Wing

  • Duration:Temporary
  • Location:Campbell Gallery

(date) 9/26/2002–12/30/2004

The Museum of Natural History at the University of Illinois maintains and preserves a biodiverse collection, made up of more than half a million specimens ranging from microscopic organisms to the fossils of extinct macrofauna such as dinosaurs and mastodons. Interaction with these collections is vital to the promotion of the discovery, understanding, responsible use, and enjoyment of the natural world.

Ongoing fieldwork, comparative study, and research enables the collections of the Museum of Natural History to remain an important part of the University’s academic community. The display of a sample of these materials is an essential part of the educational mission of the Spurlock Museum and the University of Illinois. The specimens in this exhibit highlight the diverse collections of the Museum of Natural History and how they can enrich the community through discussion and debate.

The addition of a Natural History gallery—funded by private gifts—as a wing of Spurlock Museum would enable classes and visitors to again have access to this important area of learning in a museum setting. Plans include exhibits on dinosaurs, coral reefs, and Antarctica and climate, as well as many others based on Museum collections.