Museum board meeting around large conference table

Spurlock Museum Advisory Board

The purpose of the Board is to serve as a liaison between the Spurlock Museum and its communities: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the State of Illinois, and the world at large. The Board develops and enhances relationships with individuals and organizations in order to raise the awareness of the mission, assets, and needs of the Museum. It serves in an advisory capacity to the Museum and the Museum Director.


  • Lisa Wilson, President
  • Liz Jones, President Elect
  • Michael L. VanBlaricum, Past President
  • Dennis Kimme, Secretary


  • Helen Cangellaris
  • Clark Cunningham
  • Robert Easter
  • Charles Hundley
  • Liz Jones
  • Dennis Kimme
  • Antonios Michalos
  • Michael L. VanBlaricum
  • Yu (Ian) Wang
  • Norman Whitten
  • Lisa Wilson


  • Peggy Anderson
  • Harlan Berk
  • Maureen Berry
  • Allan Campbell
  • Helen Cangellaris
  • Clark E. Cunningham
  • Joseph Czestochowski
  • Robin Douglas
  • Robert Easter
  • Anna Maria Escobar
  • Barbara Ford
  • Gregory Freund
  • Charles Hundley
  • Jane Jerch
  • Liz Jones
  • T (Kesh) Kesavadas
  • Dennis Alan Kimme
  • Napolean Knight
  • James S. Lowers
  • Antonios Michalos
  • Tiffany Xanos Rossi
  • James Sinclair
  • Mary Slater
  • Michael L. VanBlaricum
  • Safwat Wahba
  • Joy Thornton-Walter
  • Yu (Ian) Wang
  • Wayne Weber
  • Norman E. Whitten
  • Lisa Wilson
  • Joyce Wright

Honorary Members

  • Henry Blackwell
  • Douglas Brewer
  • Robin Fossum
  • Bernie Freeman
  • John Heiligenstein
  • Janet Dixon Keller
  • Jill Knappenberger
  • Martha Landis
  • Sara de Mundo Lo
  • Anna J. Merritt
  • Wayne Pitard
  • Grover L. Seitzinger
  • Charles R. Shepardson
  • Claire Skaperdas
  • Ruth Watkins

Museum Liaison

Brian Cudiamat

LAS Representative

Joseph Baldwin

Board Committees

Advancement Committee

This committee coordinates activities in support of the Museum with the University of Illinois Foundation, the College of LAS, and interested persons.

Promotions Committee

This committee will support publicity and programs to enhance the mission of the Museum.

Publications Committee

This committee will support and assist Museum staff with Museum publication efforts, including but not limited to, the Museum magazine, newsletter, website, and blog. The chair serves as a liaison between the Board and all Museum publication efforts.

Nominating Committee

It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to provide the names of nominees whose skills and experience best address the needs of the museum and are representative of the geographic and demographic areas served by the Spurlock Museum.

Events Committee

This committee shall facilitate and support events held in support of the mission of the Museum.