Packing and Shipping Policy

Objects are at their most vulnerable when they are being handled, packed, and/or transported. Therefore, special care must be taken to protect them during such a transitional period.

The Museum promotes and preserves the physical integrity of the Museum’s Collections through proper packing and shipping as appropriate given the type, purpose, and priorities of each Museum collection: Artifact, Documentary Multimedia, Teaching, Library, and Props and Furnishings.

Responsibilities for Packing and Shipping

The Collections Manager is ultimately responsible for the packing and shipping of all Museum collections and all collections-type objects that are transferred to, or from the Museum for purposes of loan, potential acquisition, or other Museum-related purposes. The Collections Manager advises the staff that may be involved in packing, shipping, or transporting Museum collections about developing, planning, and implementing appropriate practices.

Packing and Shipping: Artifact Collection

Objects from the Artifact Collection are packed and shipped with their preservation as the utmost priority.

The Collections Manager may elect not to pack and ship certain objects due to their fragile nature or physical condition. The Collections Manager or the Assistant Collections Manager must authorize all aspects of packing and shipping before objects from the Artifact Collection leave the Spurlock Museum.

Packing and Shipping: Documentary Multimedia Collection

Original materials from the Documentary Multimedia Collection will be packed and shipped using the same stringent criteria as for the Artifact Collection.

Packing and Shipping: Teaching Collection

Objects from the Teaching Collection are packed and shipped in an appropriate, safe, and cost-effective manner according to their intended use.

Packing and Shipping: Other Collections

Objects from the Library Collection and Props and Furnishings Collection are packed in an appropriate, safe, and cost-effective manner as determined by the Collections Manager.

Approved 1/7/2016.