A Look at the Collection: Deer in Autumn overview image

A Look at the Collection: Deer in Autumn

  • Post Date11/8/2017
  • AuthorAmy Heggemeyer
  • Reading Time2 minute read

Deer are found on nearly every continent, and autumn is the season that they are most associated with. In Japan they are a symbol of regeneration, in China of longevity. The Ki’che of Guatemala enact the Baile del Venado, “Deer Dance,” which is both a contemporary celebration and a reminder of pre-Conquest events. Deer dances and deer symbolism are also performed by people of Southwest pueblos, such as Zuni. Here are a few deer-themed objects in the Spurlock collection

  • little statue depicting god of longevity
    God of Longevity | China, Late Qing Dynasty | Gift of Morgan Brooks | 1942.02.0001
  • water Olla, jar with flower prints
    Olla, Water Jar | Zuni Pueblo, 1920-1927 | Museum of Natural History, UIUC. Purchased from the Fred Harvey Indian Department | 1998.19.2182
  • deer mask
    Deer Mask | Ki'che Maya, 1979-1982 CE | Kiefer-Lopez Collection | 2010.01.0205
  • statue of god of longevity
    Shoulao, God of Longevity | China, Qing Dynasty | Fred A. Freund Collection | 2005.11.0005A/D
  • man's bag with lion and deer images woven in
    Man's Bag, Ki'che Maya | Santa Catarina Nahuala, Guatemala, 1976 CE | Kiefer-Lopez Collection | 2011.05.0192