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Art & Design Visiting Artists: Skeena Reece

  • Post Date: 01/24/2024
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Skeena Reece is a Tsimshian/Gitksan and Cree artist based on the West Coast of British Columbia. She has garnered national and international attention, most notably for Raven: On the Colonial Fleet (2010), a bold installation and performance that was presented as part of the celebrated group exhibition Beat Nation and debuted at the Sydney Biennale. Her multidisciplinary practice includes performance art, spoken word, humor, “sacred clowning,” writing, music, video/film, photography, and visual art. She studied Media Art at Emily Carr University. She was the recipient of the Reveal - Hnatyshyn Award (2017), British Columbia Award for Excellence in the Arts (2012), and The VIVA Award (2014). For Savage (2010), Reece won a Leo Award for Best Performance in a Short Film. She performed at the 17th Sydney Biennale, Australia. Recent exhibitions include Interior Infinite at the Polygon Gallery (2021) and then Women and Masks Research Conference for Boston University, Massachusetts. Currently, she is working on a pottery collection for York University.

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