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Club Invention: Medieval Marvels

  • Post Date: 7/1/2008
  • Reading Time: 1 minute read

This June, the Spurlock Museum was proud to offer our first summer program in conjunction with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, “Club Invention: Medieval Marvels.” 12 kids traveled back in time to build a water wheel, design a shield, and make a catapult among many other projects designed to teach about the society and science of the European Middle Ages.

Club Invention is designed to enhance understanding of a wide range of school subjects including science, mathematics, history, and arts for children in first through sixth grades. The three-day program made use of the Museum’s European Cultures gallery, artifacts, videos, scientific principles, and a variety of building and craft materials to teach about medieval social roles and science, as well as to enhance participants’ skills in working in teams. While the Medieval Marvels program is a science-based curriculum, its experiments, projects, and games also provided opportunities to learn about society and culture—and were lots of fun, too!