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  • Post Date: 10/16/2002
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On October 16 and 17, Mary Biddle of Home Hi Middle School for Girls brought groups of fifth and sixth graders to see the Spurlock’s new galleries. Eager to plan her visit, she had come to the Museum ahead of time to investigate the exhibits that supported her interdisciplinary unit on ancient Mesopotamia. Before their visit to the Museum, her students had already read Gilgamesh, learned about kingdoms and cities, and discussed the history of early writing. They were fascinated to explore Mesopotamian artifacts up close: cylinder seals, cuneiform tablets, and molded plaques made real the topics they had studied in class.

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Ms. Biddle and Assistant Director of Education Kim Sheahan also discussed the development of a program on water and its importance to cultures around the world throughout history. The Museum is excited about opportunities to work with area teachers to develop focused gallery visits and to collaborate on in-depth programs guided by teachers’ knowledge of their students’ interests and learning needs.