Plaster Cast Gets Cross-Campus Support
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Plaster Cast Gets Cross-Campus Support

  • Post Date: 2/16/2018
  • Author: Christa Deacy-Quinn
  • Reading Time: 2 minute read

Spurlock staff recently began working with 3 other campus units to create a new home for a geological specimen. The creature in question is an eryops, a type of amphibian from almost 300 million years ago.

University of Illinois Geology Head Tom Johnsonn, School of Earth, Society, and Environment Associate Director for Operations Scott Morris, Facilities & Services Ironworker Dan Hiner, and Spurlock Museum Collections Manager Christa Deacy-Quinn evaluated the balance and stability of the reconstructed eryops skeleton plaster cast. The decades-old cast needs structural support before it can be displayed in the newly remodeled Natural History Building.

  • woman and man inspect cast of large amphibian

While the Ironworks build a new metal support, Geology staff will clean the cast. Christa will then design and construct a custom cushion to buffer between the mount and the cast.

Keep an eye out for future updates tracking the ongoing eryops project; from extinction to exhibition!

  • woman and man inspect head of cast of large amphibian