Reproduction of gothic armor returns to exhibit overview image

Reproduction of gothic armor returns to exhibit

  • Post Date1/24/2016
  • AuthorChrista Deacy-Quinn
  • Reading Time1 minute read

Our Reproduction Gothic Suit of Armor (1913.09.0002B-O) is back on display! This visitor favorite was crafted by the workshop of Ernst Schmidt in Munich, Germany, and procured by the museum in 1913. Unfortunately, the armor was removed earlier this fall when worn leather strapping holding the suit together began to fall apart. Randy Reinhart from the University of Illinois Sheet Metal shop and our Collections Manager, Christa Deacy-Quinn, replaced all the worn leather and rivets. After the repairs were completed, the armor was cleaned and put back on display. Stop into our Europe: "Transformations: A European Odyssey" exhibit to see the new and improved look! In the mean time, check out these behind the scenes photos.

  • two staff members remove the armor from exhibit
    Christa and Melissa Sotello, Collections Coordinator, begin the restoration process and remove the armor from its metal mount.
  • man removes rivets from armor. Sparks fly.
    Randy removes the old rivets with assistance from Christa.
  • Two people work on the armor in a lab.
    Randy and Christa attach new leather straps to the blackplate.
  • Museum staff reinstall armor on exhibit pedestal
    Christa, Melissa, and Collections Storage Coordinator Gavin Robinson reinstall the armor.