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Samples of squirrel droppings added to IPM Program

  • Post Date5/29/2017
  • AuthorChrista Deacy-Quinn
  • Reading Time1 minute read

Artifacts aren’t the only things in our collection, but you might be surprised to learn that something that is in our collection is a set of samples of squirrel droppings!

Why would a museum need this? One of the most important tasks of in the Museum is keeping constantly vigilant against pests to ensure they don’t cause damage to our collections. Often, one of the first signs of a pest infestation are the droppings these pests leave behind. Each pest has a unique dropping which can identify what pest is present so that action can be taken.

These specific droppings are very rare and will be used as samples in various seminars and Integrated Pest Management teaching events so that employees are familiar with squirrel droppings and can easily identify them.

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