Spurlock Museum joins Orpheum Children’s Science Museum for Second Annual Orpheum Kid’s Archaeology Day overview image

Spurlock Museum joins Orpheum Children’s Science Museum for Second Annual Orpheum Kid’s Archaeology Day

  • Post Date: 07/11/2018
  • Author: Elisabeth Stone
  • Reading Time: 2 minute read

Spurlock Museum, along with UIUC Archaeology Student Society, Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) (external link), and other local archaeological experts and organizations will take part in Orpheum Children’s Science Museum’s (external link) second annual Orpheum Kid’s Archaeology Day (external link) on Saturday, July 28, 1:00–5:00 pm.

  • A group of children and two woman sitting on and standing beside a wooden bench outdoors.
    Image courtesy of Angie Patton (ISAS).
  • Two women who stand conversing before a wall of pictures and poster boards.
    Image courtesy of Linda Alexander (ISAS).

While at the Museum, visitors can enjoy the Archaeology Field Station and Excavation Unit where they will learn about ancient peoples and cultures, experience real artifacts, and practice archaeological excavation and research methods. Archaeology Day marks the anniversary of the grand opening of this interactive space constructed in 2016 by the Archaeology Student Society. Special activities for the day will include stations where you can explore the ancient connections between people and animals by examining bones, artifacts made from animal parts, and depictions of wildlife in ancient imagery. Areas featuring archaeological pottery and the chance to learn how the earliest ceramics were made will be accompanied by an exercise in piecing together the broken pieces of pottery archaeologists usually find in excavations. Can you reconstruct the whole pot? Other stations will feature stone tools, baskets, and even live animals. When you leave, take a free poster to commemorate your day as an archaeologist!

At 7:00 pm, the day will wrap up with a free talk sponsored by ISAS and Allerton Park. Dr. Jacob Skousen, visiting researcher at the Illinois State Archaeological Society, will share insights about archaeological excavations at Allerton Park and Retreat Center

Please join us at Orpheum Museum in this special event for families and grown-up kids alike to explore our ancient history through archaeology.

  • A child and a woman stand before a table on which cardboard is laid.
    Image courtesy of Linda Alexander (ISAS).


Orpheum Children's Science Museum, 346 N Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820.


  • this program is open to all ages and is included as part of admission to the museum: $5 general admission and free for members
  • free/reduced admission available for military families, seniors, children under 2 years, ASTC/ACM reciprocal members, and income-eligible families
  • visit the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum's website for more pricing details (external link)