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Stories Around the World

  • Post Date: 08/05/2005
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One of the Museum’s most requested programs is Stories around the World, where discussions of artifacts are complemented by the telling of related folktales. In the East Asian Gallery, for example, a conversation about a wedding kimono and wedding gifts on display is an introduction to the Japanese folktale The Wedding of the Mouse. Kente cloth in the African Gallery inspires The Spider Weaver, an Ashanti tale.

  • kids sitting and listening to an adult talking
    The group hears the story of Tattadu, a caterpillar who marries a kind, young woman of South Sumatra.

Two special Saturday morning versions of this program were scheduled for summer, 2005. The hour-long programs include visits to two galleries for stories and talk, then time in the Rowe Learning Center for a story-related craft. The first program, held on July 23, focused on stories from Indonesia and West Africa. In relation to looking at African masks and other artifacts decorated with cowry shells, the children created their own decorated masks to take home. The second program, to be held on August 13, will feature tales from Norway and ancient Greece. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun!

  • women watching her kid making craft
    Making the masks was a family affair. This mom admires her son's artwork...
  • kids wearing masks
    Great work, kids!