"An Artifact Speaks" to Educators Statewide

  • Post Date: 6/12/2015
  • Author: Kim Sheahan
  • Reading Time: 1 minute read

Since 2005, Kim Sheahan, the Museum’s Assistant Director of Education, has presented a year-long program to Champaign sixth graders called An Artifact Speaks. The program involves seven visits to the students’ classrooms and one program at the Museum. The visits focus on ancient cultures through artifact observations, folktale presentations, and hands-on activity participation.

In 2014, Kim received a two-year grant to take this program statewide through U of I Extension. All of the program materials will be available through Extension offices, and a website is being built that will provide supplemental information. For more information on the grant, read the article “Our Wish is Granted” in the Winter 2015 Spurlock Newsletter.

  • Small figurine of a man, and a CD in a case
  • decorated mug and other porcelain item
  • CD in a case and a scroll of papyrus
  • small golden god resembling an elephant
  • ink container and stamp
  • cuneiform tablet